Amy Patricia

Blue - represents the Torrens river which flows through our city of Adelaide, water flowing in one direction towards the sea as the team flow together in the same direction working towards the same goal
Red – Acknowledges the spiritual connection of the Kaurna people to Tarndanyangga the Kaurna word for Red Kangaroo Dreaming or Red Kangaroo Rock which refers to the Adelaide city (Victoria Square) and parklands area
The dots represent the teams supporters connected to the teams flowing energy, Following every step of the journey
Black - the U shapes represent people the community coming together from all directions (U - community sitting) Yellow - represents spiritual guidance and my own personal spiritual connection to my mob I also chose the black and yellow for the community because even though I was born in Adelaide my Cultural Noongar connections (to my homelands) come from Northam in WA. Where my people are also River people of the Avon River.
Yellow - Spiritually represents personal power, strength, transformation and courage.

*My mother was a member of The Stolen generation bought here 40 years ago. My Grandfather Kevin Stack and my Aunties gave me my art name of “Maali Yorga “Arts meaning Black Swan Woman.

The main message of my design is Spirituality and Strength which I think are key elements when it comes to Me, my Culture and my Community.

Stand Strong and Stay Grounded.