Harry Pitt


The jersey design was again created by local Indigenous artist Harry Pitt who took inspiration from three of local artist Auntie Trish’s paintings and shoe designs.

The design mixes Torres Strait and Aboriginal design elements. The changing flow of the sea as travellers strive to complete their journey is combined with colours inspired by Auntie Trish’s paintings.

The blue pattern represents the oceans, rivers and scared water holes in the Illawarra. The sides of the jersey refer to our knowledge holders (elders) from all four corners of mother earth. The dots of ochre are used for our traditional ceremonies, dance and songs.

The Whale is significant to the communities of the Illawarra and South Coast as the whales migrated up and down the coast passing all of the local communities that make up the Yuin Nation.

The blue colouring and the orange lines are taken from a shoe design gifted to the club by Aunty Trish. The shoes were split between the players and the coaching staff to symbolize that one cannot move without the other.