Anthony Wilson


The Maori design on the Sky Sport Breakers uniform embodies the values of the club, values that have been cemented into our culture for many years. These include Legacy, Unity, Heart, Speed & Agility.

Legacy – comes from the whakapapa and winning heritage of the club and country. It’s about the foundations laid on the shoulders of players, coaches, owners and staff that have gone before us.
Unity – symbolises the coming together as one team, one club, and one sporting nation – it’s about having a collective sense of purpose.
Heart – the mana of the players and club. Our boys play with pride, and this value represents the character of our team, club, and country.
Speed & agility – symbolised through the puhoro design.

Every year the team get their uniform blessed by our cultural ambassador, Anthony Wilson. The Karakia is a ritual ceremony which involves a symbolic cleansing of unwanted negative energy and affixing of positive energy. The ritual happens in the early hours of the morning, as it is said that the spiritual powers are at the strongest. The Breakers have embraced aspects of Maori culture as part of the club’s heritage whilst at the same time holding on to a uniquely Kiwi culture that recognises the inclusion of players from around the globe.