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Artist: Bruce Shillingsworth Snr

The Bryden’s Lawyer’s Sydney Kings Indigenous Jersey design is a gathering of various members of the Wangal people along the Parramatta River. Wangal People lived in the Eora Nation – this nation extended north to Hornsby, west to the Parramatta river and south to the Royal National Park.

Wangal members depicted in design:

  • 3 different clan groups, consisting of men, women & children, sitting around the campfires
  • Couples sitting along the river fishing
  • Men with spears hunting along the river in order to feed their clan groups

Campfires are a significant aspect of Indigenous life – they act as the sacred space where older individuals pass down the stories of the dream time to the young children. Gathering around the campfire allows times for individuals and families to learn together and express the values that have been passed on. These old dreaming stories provide a connection between long held morals, values, and traditions to the fast-paced modern way of life

All individuals and clan groups depicted in the design are protected and brought together by the yellow and purple spirits in the top left/right hand corners. The purple and white dotted figures in the top left and bottom right-hand corners represent basketballs – the great game that brings all people together – regardless of their ethnicity, background & social status.